The discovery of information as system of systems

Portada del libro SOMOS INFORMACIÓNThe author of more than six thousand articles, fifteen books and greatly recognise as consultant and investigator, Antxon Sarasqueta, reveals in his latest book Somos información. La nueva ciencia de lo intangible, how the information is the system of all systems. «All the systems depend on information, except the information, which depends on itself«, he write. Article published, January 20th, 2013.

In his book Sarasqueta gathers scientific experiences like the paradox of information about black holes, proposed by the astrophysics Stephen Hawking, the importance of analysing information brought up in Madrid by Nobel price winner James Watson for deciphering the DNA. Sarasqueta gives us the answer to the present-day scientific question of greatest significance, what is information? [Read more…]